Key Tips for Styling the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Put comfort first when putting together the room. When creating a guest bedroom, try to make it as comfortable and inviting as you can. You want guests to feel at home, and these key tips for styling the perfect guest bedroom will help you create the right atmosphere.

Use Proper Lighting

Good lighting is vital in every room of the house, including the guest bedroom. Bedroom lighting should make a room feel cozy and set the mood.

Don’t forget about the layers of lighting. The room should have overhead lights for when guests try to get ready in the morning or slip into their pajamas at night. Then, it needs soft but strategic lighting for reading in bed or calming down after a long day. If the room lacks floor space, hang reading lamps next to each side of the bed.

Make Guests Feel Welcome

To ensure your guests feel right at home upon arrival, leave out towels and extra blankets, turn on a diffuser or light a candle, and place a vase of fresh flowers in the bedroom. You want your guests to feel relaxed and welcome when they enter the room. It’s the small, usually overlooked details that count the most.

Give the Room a Dual Purpose

Spare bedrooms can often become the dumping grounds for houses. Avoid this situation by providing decent, well-planned storage.

Turn to clever bedroom storage solutions and ideas to help clear the clutter. Find a bed frame with drawers, perfect for storing extra sheets, towels, and seasonal clothing.

Add decorative cabinets to the room with baskets to store unused items.

Choose a Mattress To Suit Various Guests

You want your guests to be comfortable when staying with you. The mattress needs to be comfortable so that guests can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

A medium-firm bed will allow most people to sleep happily in most positions.

Give the Room a Colorful Update

Another tip for styling the perfect guest bedroom is to use color to separate the spare bedroom from the rest of the house. It’s an excellent place to experiment and allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone.

Purchase vibrant bedding patterns or color block the walls. These ideas will help your guests feel like they’re on a sophisticated weekend away.

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