Most Popular Items To Fill Your Kid’s Easter Basket

Springtime is approaching quickly, which means it’s time to start thinking about Easter baskets! We have some fun ideas to light up your kid’s faces. These are a few of the most popular items to fill your kid’s Easter basket broken down into age groups.

2-4 Years Old

It’s almost as fun for parents to fill up Easter baskets as it is for the little ones to discover what’s inside! Grab some non-messy art supplies, such as coloring books, crayons or colored pencils, and sidewalk chalk. What about exciting new bath toys? Bath crayons or bath paints are a great way to entertain the little ones that may get them excited about taking a bath.

If your toddlers enjoy crafts, add a fun Easter craft to enjoy together. Also, grab their favorite animal in plush form. Your kid is sure to love their Easter basket this year!

5-7 Years Old

For elementary school-aged children, fill their baskets with activities and gifts that match their lifestyle. For example, if your kid loves sports and playing outside, find a new outdoor activity for them to try. Pick out a new Lego set they’ve been dying to put together. Or grab an age-appropriate book all about spring if they love to read.

8-11 Years Old

Kids tend to know their likes and dislikes by this age, so create your basket accordingly. Do you have a future scientist in the family? Find a fantastic science experiment kit. Does one of the kids love puzzles? Add a few puzzles to their basket with a favorite TV show or movie character. Hair accessories also make excellent Easter basket fillers.

12-14 Years Old

Even if your child doesn’t want to participate in the Easter egg hunt anymore, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a fun goodie basket. Stock their basket full of their favorite treats and snacks to enjoy. If you have a music lover, give them a mini portable speaker or earbuds.

15 Plus Years Old

Kids begin to appreciate practical gifts around this age. Gift them movie passes to enjoy a new film in theaters with friends. Kids can have chaotic and busy schedules. Help ease the craziness with portable chargers and smartphone accessories.

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