A Guide to Organizing Your Child’s Toys

As a parent, you know that your children have a lot of toys. Probably more than they need or play with. It’s not easy to get them to pick the toys up or to keep them neat. That’s why we have created this blog – to help you with keeping the toys organized and teaching your children about cleaning up after themselves by giving them easy and fun ways to keep their toys in the right space.

Do Decluttering First

Be ready for tears. This isn’t going to be fun. Children never want to give up their toys, even if they haven’t played with them for a long time. But it’s something that you need to do. Below are some steps to take when decluttering.

  • Figure out of its meaningful, useful or enjoyed enough in order to keep.
  • If it isn’t and the toy’s still in good shape, donate it. this way other children will enjoy it.
  • If it isn’t in a good condition, throw it out.

Once all of the toys have been sorted, now you move onto storage.


Store Little Toys in Clear Bags

You can save a lot of space by doing this. Remove the toys from their boxes and putting them in bags that are clear. Then you can vertically file the bags to save additional space.

If the toys are to a game, put the instructions in there, too. If it’s a puzzle, take a picture of the completed puzzle so you know what it looks like.


Buy Open-Bin Carts on Wheels

These kinds of carts are great for storing everything, but especially toys. It makes it really easy to clean up, particularly for the younger children who have trouble with knobs and drawers. Label these bins for the older children. For younger ones, attach pictures. This way they’ll know what goes where.


Corral Plush Animals Using Bungee Cords

There are a lot of ways that you can store plush animals. But a fun way that you can do this is through turning a shelf onto its side, then using some bungee cords for creating a zoo. This also can be a great option for holding sporting equipment like basketballs and footballs.


Employ Wall Space

Does your child have a lot of small toy cars? A hanging shelf that is at your child’s height can b ea g ret way to organize the cars and keep them off of the floor and within reach when your child wants to play with them. Angle the shelves and put a lip on the shelves’ front. This will ensure that they’re going to stay there, but your child can also see their whole collection.


Use Shoe Organizers

Shoe holders that go over a door will be great places to put dolls, craft supplies and action figures. Use these organizers for storage that is easily accessible or behind a closet door to create a look that is less cluttered. Choose clear ones so children are able to find what they want and not have to pull out everything to find a single toy. This is going to help with keeping toys up off the floor and helping them stay organized.


Buy a Toy Chest

Even though there are a lot of attractive and fun ways that you can store your child’s toys, sometimes the old methods are the best. Even though you don’t have to buy something expensive or even decorate it, you can encourage your children to use it by allowing them to decorate it themselves. If you have more than one child, you might even want to give them their own chest and let them decorate it the way they want.

Giving your child their own toy chest can help them with understanding where everything goes and help them have some control. There are a lot of ways that you can let them do it, with markers, paint, stickers, and other things. Giving them some control over this can help them feel as if they have a choice in the matter and may encourage them to help keep their toys picked up.

You are going to be amazed at how big a different organizing your child’s toys can make. Use these tips above and see how your home looks afterwards. Your children are going to love it, too, because it’s going to be so much easier for them to find the toy they want and clean up after they are done. After all, no one likes cleaning up too much. For more storage solutions for your home, check out the bargain items here.

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