9 Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment

Getting your first apartment is exciting. You finally have a place that is all your own that you can decorate the way you want. It also can be overwhelming. Below are nine tips that you can use to help you with decorating your first apartment.


Choose the Right Furniture

Keep in mind that when you are in an apartment, you are going to have less space than if you are in a house. So even though you may want to have a huge cozy sectional, now isn’t the time to buy it. for your first apartment, choose the right size furniture for your space. Furniture that’s too small or too large also could throw your room’s balance off, which can make your décor look amateur.


Choose Furniture with Multitasking Ability

Since you have limited space, it’s a good idea to choose furniture that will serve more than one purpose. For example, you can purchase an ottoman that has storage in it. Another option is to have a bench with storage inside of it that will double as someplace to sit.


Keep Focused on Storage

If you are looking at two options – a cute piece of furniture or one that has a lot of potential for storage, choose the storage option. Look for a bed that has storage built in or that has plenty of space underneath for storing containers. You can also choose baskets both for managing clutter and for decorating your space. Bookshelves are great to organize and display books, games, magazines, and a lot more.


Look for Bargains

You want to decorate your apartment with a lot of cool art, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. There are plenty of spots online that you can find inexpensive art that is both tasteful and decorative. You also can go to thrift stores and even garage sales to find fun and beautiful art without spending a ton of money.


Don’t Take Things Just Because They’re Free

Even though it’s going to be really tempting, don’t take every free item you can get your hands on. Chances are that you might have a lot of friends and family who are willing to give you items that they have. Be choosy with what you take and make sure you’re making your own decisions so that your apartment is feeling like your own.

If you love that sofa that your aunt is offering you, buy some new throws and pillows that you can use to freshen it up. If you get a bookcase or table, simply painting them can make a big difference. Cover scratches or dents using small pieces of décor or flowers.


Try Removable Wallpaper

A lot of rental apartments won’t let you paint the walls. However, you still can dress up your walls using removable wallpaper. It’s not really expensive, particularly if you only od accent walls, and it comes with many options so that you can find one that matches your style.


Add Some Plants

Decorating using greens, either real or faux, can give an apartment new life. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large budget, because you can find options just about anywhere. Put plants on your shelves or a bar cart, or even hang one from your ceiling and add texture to your space.


Choose a Piece to Invest in

If you have it in your budget, buy a statement piece which will help with driving the feel and look of your space. What do you want your guests to notice when they come into your apartment? This is the statement piece you want to buy. If you’re not sure where you’re going to be several years from now, these kinds of items have often will sell for a lot so you won’t have to worry about taking it with you.


Add Some Layers

Layers will help the apartment feel as if it’s lived in and they’re a wonderful way to make your apartment feel like it’s yours. Pile some throws and pillows you’re your sofa to give yourself a feeling of comfort. Layer rugs on each other especially in a carpeted apartment to give your floor texture or color. This will help you with creating a look and feel that’s yours.

These are nine things that you can do to help you with decorating your apartment. Whether you are decorating a one bedroom, two bedroom or a studio apartment, if you have a small budget, check here for low priced items. You can find a lot of great items for your bedroom, living room, kitchen and other rooms. There are many items here that are both affordable and stylish.

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