Top Tips for Styling Necklaces

Accessorizing is hard. No one would argue that. With so many styles and subtleties to consider, getting dressed nicely can seem like a never-ending puzzle. All the same, people manage to power off amazing and unique looks all around the world— and often by using smart combinations of what’s already in their wardrobe. Anyone can do the same by utilizing top tips for styling necklaces and learning to use these pieces as compliments to any style.

Choose a Statement Piece

If you have a powerful piece of jewelry, there is no reason it can’t get the attention it deserves. While we may want to cram all of the best into one outfit, too much good just clashes. It’s so much better to choose a sleep outfit and let that one necklace dazzle everyone. Have a few different large pendants or ornate pieces to use as the focus and then pair it with a dress.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid a lot of visual texture on an outfit if it’s not the focus. Mixed up color schemes or crazy patterns can be fun, but the uniqueness of a necklace with such an outfit will only increase visual dissonance.

Lots of Layers

Another of the popular top tips for styling necklaces is to utilize layers. A lot of people are waking up to the idea that necklaces don’t have to be a single piece. Modern necklace design often employs a hanging series of chains and pendants all attached to the same necklace. The effect is a subtle crisscrossing of color over one’s chosen shirt. Using multiple lines in jewelry works a lot like using lines in art.

Utilize the shapes your jewelry makes to direct attention in different ways. A ladder of multiple necklaces will keep the focus on your dress and draw complements there. One or two chains leading up to a choker will move the eyes upwards towards the hair, eyes, earrings, and face—all of which may have been thoughtfully styled as the centerpiece of the attire.

Always Change It up

The real secret to styling well is to keep things different. For clothes, this means trying to not use the fine outfits casually. There’s nothing wrong with having a casual look, but if you mean to be noticed—change it up! It’s easy to get into a habit of always wearing the same necklace. However, if that necklace is meant to be the center of attention, don’t be afraid to try some other pieces.

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