Top Fashion Tips and Tricks for Men

Looking good is at the forefront of many of our minds. When we look good, we feel good. Often, people also treat us differently and with more respect. Men have access to an array of fashionable looks that can take them from the average guy to the most handsome man in the room almost instantly. Men's fashion is steeped in tradition and uplifted with modern tastes. Change of any kind can be intimidating though, especially an overhaul of one’s usual look. To ease the process, we are happy to share our top fashion tricks and tips for men.

Develop an Eye for Style

The first tip for any man to begin dressing fashionably is to do some research. There are a lot of styles to choose from. This includes degrees of formality and knowing when to where which. There’s also a wide range of new and period styles, plus new takes on old looks. All these details need to be carefully investigated and considered. Take time to look over the differences between style choices across a wide range of designers, times, and types of clothing.

One of the first fashion choices any man must make is to acquire a quality suit. This does not mean you have to run out and buy the most expensive one you can find. Inexpensive suits can be just as impressive. The goal is to wear nice clothes, well. The price will generally be higher for name brands or unusual materials or cuts, meaning that if you just want a suit to wear and look good in, you should start with something in a more comfortable price range. Spending time exploring discount men's clothes online will also help you develop an eye for style through pure immersion.

Get It Tailored

Whether you decide on a suit off the rack or something more extravagant, remember that tailors are your friends. While it may seem like something only eccentric and rich people do, having clothes tailored is cheaper and easier than you may think. On-the-spot alterations can take as little as 30 minutes, or as little as three to five days depending on a tailor’s workload. Trimming your clothes to the perfect size can cost as little as $15 for a simple change.

If you want to start looking more fashionable, get to know your local tailor. These experts can provide you with quality work that will transform your look. Taking the time to have a piece tailored makes the difference between a nice outfit and look stunning. Men should pay attention to the fit across the shoulder and waist. Too tight or too baggy in these spots will make any outfit look sloppy or awkward. Shirts and pants are very easy to tailor down to a comfortable and attractive fit.

Splash in Color Thoughtfully

One of the top fashion tips and tricks for men is to slide in a little unexpected color into an outfit. Once you’ve had time to get a feel for dressing in straightforward-looking fashion clothing, try adding in a little color. Often men shy away from more interesting hues out of fear of drawing unwanted comments. Truth is color is not feminine—it’s just color. A man can wear any shade he wants, so long as he keeps his fashion sense in mind.

The best way to add color to the mix is to accessorize. A well-fit and attractive watch can add a touch of intriguing color. Gold or silver are subtle tones that are just different to mesh well with any formal gray, black, or blue suit. Experiment with light or subdued colors of dress shirt or polo as well. An unexpected tone amidst a common-colored outfit can make your look pop. A different color of a suit can also be trendy, though earth tones tend to be easier to pull off for men.

Experiment With New Looks Gradually

Most of all, it’s crucial to make changes slowly. Continue researching what separates other styles from your initial selections. Mix and match details one piece at a time and give yourself enough space to come to a decision. Does it work or is it too gaudy? Assess your changes thoughtfully. A few things to play around with include colors, different cuts, types of shoes, and different accessories.

You can also experiment with varying degrees of formality. When most people think of men’s fashion, they usually picture a nice if boring suit. Suits are pretty standard, but wearing one well always makes the difference between stuffy and stylish. Besides suits though, there are also many kinds of formal overcoats.

Men's dress shirts also have various styles of cut, so this can be a great detail to play with when you're not wearing a blazer. Try out variations of slim to loose-fitting dress shirts coupled with interesting ties. Business wear aside, men's fashion also sports a wide array of polos, vests, sweaters, and more.

Don’t Let Others Dissuade You

Almost everyone thinks they are fashion gurus. Every friend and family member also has their style—or think they do depend on their eccentricity of taste! Regardless of whether well-meaning people know what they’re talking about, they will chime in. Whether you are wearing a great straightforward outfit or playing with original embellishments, expect comments.

Many people will offer uninformed compliments which can be disappointing if you were hoping for more. We all want people to notice that one thing we did differently today. Sometimes, when people don’t notice changes, it’s not a bad thing. Take it as a sign that your fashion flare fits well with the rest of your attire.

Aside from vague compliments, there are always the nay-sayers. No matter what you try, they always seem to notice and have a few choice words. The truth is, everyone gets used to things and people acting and looking one way. Switching from casually messy to intentionally neat can throw people off. They may throw comments at you out of jest which can make you feel singled out. Just stay the course, and your new look will become normal.

Fashion is an exciting and fun study that can boost social standing and self-respect. We love bringing you the best deals on top men's clothing so you can explore your style without the big cost. Daily Sales has some of the best prices around on quality merchandise, including a wide selection of fashion apparel and accessories. Explore our inventory today.

Top Fashion Tips and Tricks for Men

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