Top 5 Women’s Apparel Must-Haves During Quarantine

Let’s face it. You’re probably not dressing up these days. The pandemic currently facing the world – COVID-19 (also known as the coronavirus) – has everyone working from home and social distancing. Gone are the days that you’re going out to restaurants, concerts, bars or parties. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t do your fair share of online shopping while you’re sticking around your house. In fact, your lounge wardrobe can always use work. Here are the top 5 women’s apparel must-haves while quarantining.


  1. Women’s Super Soft Tummy Control Leggings


Anyone else eating more than usual? You’re not alone! People everywhere are wondering how they can limit themselves to only three meals a day when their kitchen is always open. But don’t worry, these super soft tummy control leggings will keep you comfortable regardless of that pizza lunch or those extra cookies. It’s all part of social distancing, and you’re still you regardless of a few extra pounds. Choose from black, blue or red – all of them are high-waisted and comfortable beyond belief.


  1. Unisex Fleece Robe with Pockets – Assorted Colors


Every day is pajama day when you’re in quarantine! Throw this cozy fleece robe over your pajamas when you take your dog out or get your mail. It has a classic pattern AND it has pockets. It’ll remain a staple in your closet even after life returns to normal.


  1. Ultra-Plush Faux Fur Fleece Wearable Blanket


Be serious. How many movies and TV series have you binged watched while social distancing? You’re a pro at this point, and a wearable blanket is the addition you need to complete your set up. You no longer need to worry about your blanket sliding off while you snack. This is fleece blanket ties in the front and even has convenient pockets for your phone.


  1. 3-Pack: Incredible Endurance Front Zip Sports Bra


If you’re using this time to outside and get fit, good for you! Treat yourself to new sports bras. This 3-pack has one of the best new features in bras in years. The front zip lets you skip the obnoxious step of hooking it behind your back or pulling it over your head. By wearing these incredible endurance bras, you’ll minimize intense movement that can cause the breasts to stretch and tear. These are perfect for any workout and machine washable!


  1. Linen-Blend Loose Cut Casual Short Sleeve Top with Belt


If you’re working from home via video call, you know it’s all about being business up top, but on the bottom? Pajama pants, leggings, sweats…anything goes! This cute and casual short sleeve top strikes the perfect balance. Pair it with a pair of leggings and throw your hair up in a bun. You’ll instantly look far more put together than anyone else on your call.


Final thoughts


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