Tips for Choosing a Collared Shirt

Regarding men’s formal wear, few items are as tricky to pick out as the humble collared shirt. Getting the right fit doesn’t have to be a complex or expensive ordeal, especially with many men’s clothing deals available online. All that’s required is knowing what you need in a collared shirt to get the perfect fit every time. The best tips for choosing a collared shirt will help you decide on the fit style and the collar style. They’ll also enable you to know how a bad fit looks.

Choosing Fitting Styles

Although it might be counterintuitive, there are different fit styles to choose from that have varying measurements. A collared shirt will generally come in either a slim, regular, or loose fit. As the names suggest, these elements ensure the shirt fits as best it can off the rack on different body types. Slim fit is best for individuals with narrower or smaller builds. Normal fit is the safest bet for those unsure what will look best on their body type. Loose fit is primarily for more casual events, and companies intend them to look less tailored.

Selecting Collar Styles

There are also quite a few collar styles to choose from, which can complicate things even more. What primarily sets each one apart is the length and angle of the points. The safest tip for choosing a collared shirt is to select either a classic or standard collar style. Other varieties complement specific tie styles, knot types, and physical frames. It’s well worth exploring which looks compliment you best and which will match the type of event or location you plan on attending.

Troubleshooting Fitting Issues

If you’re still unsure about the fit of your shirts, there are two areas to look at. The most critical areas to consider are the collar itself and the sleeves. The collar shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. A shirt fits well if there’s enough room for your finger to fit between the collar and your neck without slack. Likewise, sleeves shouldn’t appear puffy or tightly wrapped around the arm. There should only be enough room for the arms to move freely without their shapes becoming lost in the fabric.

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