The Basic Parts of Bedding To Know

Anyone who’s ever watched a movie or TV show has likely noticed that movie set bedrooms always look perfect. A big reason for this is that the set builders are familiar with the basic parts of bedding to know. While most of us just assume that choosing our bedding only entails picking out a pillow and sheet, there’s much more that goes into creating a luxurious sleeping experience.

Varieties of Pillows

When it comes to pillows, there’s no shortage of selections. In addition to pillows of varying sizes that match different beds, there are also extra-long pillows for people who toss and turn. You can find pillows made of down, cotton, polyester, memory foam, and even hypoallergenic materials. Furthermore, there are pillows with varying degrees of firmness and plumpness, not to mention throw pillows for extra support. Whatever kind of pillow you need, we have it at Daily Sales!


Like pillows, cases are diverse in their dimensions and styles. A pillowcase that’s ill-fitting may be too tight or have too much loose material at one end, so it’s important to get a suitable type for your pillow. It’s also possible to get cases in many colors, designs, and materials, from common cotton to fine satins. What’s more, many manufacturers embroider and decorate pillowcases. Plain ones are also often easy to alter and decorate using a sewing machine. These blank pillowcases can be perfect gifts for crafters that enjoy putting their special touch on their favorite things.

Pillow Shams

A cousin to the pillowcase, a pillow sham is fancier than many of the other basic parts of bedding to know. Shams act as dust covers that you wrap around your pillows when you make your bed. As they tend to be more decorative than pillowcases, they keep pillows clean and enhance their aesthetics.

For a lot of people, using pillow shams might seem like a hassle, but they can have unusual benefits. Chances are, you’ll feel much more ready to tackle the day after stopping for a moment to make everything as nice as possible. The ultimate advantage of shams is that they make your bed incredibly inviting at the end of the day. Just don’t forget to put them away before you fall asleep.


Quilts represent another form of bedding that has gradually lost its meaning over time. Once, quilt crafting was an essential part of recycling worn material into new and beautiful forms. Quilts that you see on modern store shelves are more like duvets in terms of warmth but tend to be more pricey and decorative.


Coverlets typically go on top of the bed or between the top sheet and duvet. A coverlet is an intricately woven yarn blanket that people typically use to decorate beds. As it contains wool, it serves as an excellent thermal layer in the cold months. Knit blankets are both heavy and warm, making them a great choice in areas that see freezing weather. When you use them as solely decorative dust covers for your bed, coverlets also add stylish beauty to the room.


For those that never had one, a duvet may seem confusing. Essentially, it’s like a comforter, but it comes in two pieces. The warm inner padding sits inside a cover piece, creating three layers of coziness. In other words, it’s a deconstructed comforter. Typically, they’re only large enough to cover and weigh down the top of the bed, though. This separates them from comforters, which are oversized and hang off the bed’s edges.


Most people are familiar with comforters as the default warm bedding option. Often, comforters come in wonderful matching bed sets that include sheets and pillowcases. Daily Sales carries several attractive single comforters and sets of discount bed sheets online that include comforters. Manufacturers permanently fix the three layers in comforters together, often with a quilting stitch pattern. While they can be very decorative and made of luxurious materials, generally, quilts are fancier and pricier than comforters.

Mattress Covers

If you’ve ordered a mattress in a box, you may have noticed the addition of a cover. Many of us grew up with bare mattresses and now remember the trials of transporting them home without getting them dirty. Today, moving them is easier than ever due to the simple addition of mattress covers. Simply put, a mattress cover is a sheet that encompasses the entire mattress and zips closed. It’s a storage bag made from soft quilted cotton, in other words. The idea behind mattress covers is to add some outer cushioning and give your mattress one more layer of protection against dirt and grime.

Mattress Pads

Mattress padding has been around as an additional bedding option for a long time. Before, however, the best padding was a roll of squishy, scratchy, and non-breathable egg carton-shaped memory foam. Luckily, this material has come a long way over the years and no longer suffers from those unbearable qualities. Other than amazing mattresses made entirely from memory foam, you can also get extra layers of mattress foam pads to add just the right level of softness to your bed.

Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are the most common of the bedding parts, and they’re also essential. Aside from mattress covers, sheets are the first lines of defense that separate our bodies from cold, bare mattresses. Naturally, it’s important to choose the right sheet size for your bed. What makes these sheets fitted is the addition of elastic bands sewn into their corner seams. The result is that they snugly hug your mattress. Like any other bedding option, they’re also highly customizable and come in a massive array of colors, patterns, designs, and textures.

Standard Sheets

The next most essential part of a bed is the basic sheet. It’s the first layer that covers us up and keeps us warm when we sleep. Usually, standard sheets are made of satin or cotton, though thicker and fuzzier varieties also exist for the cold months. Standard sheets are available in a wide array of designs and colors, allowing you to use them to decorate the inner and outer components of your bed. They let you enjoy both your living space and your sleeping comfort just a little more.

The Basic Parts of Bedding To Know

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