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Clothes are so much more than things we just throw on to cover ourselves up. For many, it’s a way to silently communicate with the world around us. Our clothes are a glimpse of our personality, our interests, and a sliver of our world-perspective. We dress to underline a concept of who we are on this planet and what our life means to us.

It’s part of our cultures and a celebration of each year we get to engage in on a personal fashion level. Clothing is important, and not for just keeping the weather off. This is evident by the sheer size of the fashion industry and the real attention that is being paid to it all over the world. How we dress is how we represent on a meaningful person-to-person level.

When our clothes aren’t serving a statement we want to make, then it reverts to just being a waste of material and space. Why stuff your storage space with clothes that mean nothing and don’t support your identity? If we don’t consider and choose our statement pieces, then we can end up looking disinterested—which is fine if that’s the message you want to send! But for the rest of us, exploring the symbology of ourselves through outward expression is a highly enjoyable experience.

However, that also means there comes a time when sometimes our outfits stop serving us well. For a lot of us, that means struggling to make clothes work so that we can keep them. This is however one of the biggest signs it’s time to update your wardrobe. Keeping clothes that do not empower your outward identity is a futile exercise.

Toss Anything Outdated

Getting started on clearing out a wardrobe of lurking, unwanted items can be hard. The easiest way to start is to hunt out anything problematic. Pull your clothes out of the drawing and look through each piece. Toss anything worn out, threadbare, stained, or full of holes. If you were going to do something with the material or try to fix it, you would have by now. So, stop letting that stuff bury you under unwearable laundry.

Next, try on the things you are not sure fit anymore. Get rid of anything too tight or too loose. If they are not ruined pieces of clothing, you can always give them a second life through donations. Dig through one more time and abandon any clothes that you straightaway decide are not your look anymore. It’s perfectly fine to let go of clothes if they are not the right style, color, or look anymore.

Separate the So-So From the Must-Haves

Now comes the hard part—choosing to let go of things you are on the fence about. Likely, your wardrobe is chock full of miscellaneous tops, shirts, belts, socks, trousers, blouses, and who knows what, that was impulsively grabbed for a ‘someday’ outfit. That day may have never came and now you are hanging on to a big pile of mismatched pieces.

Finally, there are the things that you’re just not sure about—clothes that are still interesting or could match with other clothes you do like. These pieces are the hardest to come to a decision over. Luckily, what clothes you choose to keep is strictly dependent on your fashion taste. Take your time and mull it over.

A great way to decide is to separate the ‘maybes’ and see if you are called to wear any of them in the next couple of months. If nothing ends up in a laundry basket in at least three months, chances are those clothes will remain in maybe-purgatory for another three months. So, let those pieces just go already!

Assess How You Feel

Do you ever get dressed up in something you thought you loved but then just end up feeling weird? This is one of the biggest signs it’s time to update your wardrobe. It’s important to feel at home in your clothes. Anxiety over disparaging eyes on your apparel, a sense of being underdressed, or other feelings of dread or embarrassment is a no-go.

Dump what is not working and take another hard look at your ensemble. Find all those pieces of clothing that you may have liked a few years ago but now make you feel awkward and out of place. There is no sense in clinging to clothing that does not put you in a confident or at-ease mindset.

Double Check Your Fashion

When it’s in-season, it’s amazing! When it’s out of season, well, what are you clogging up your dressers with it, for? Dig through your hoard one last time and look for anything you bought in the heat of the moment but maybe didn’t get around to flaunting when it was fashionable. While you might be able to revive one or two fashion classics from a year ago, chances are the rest are a no-go.

Still wearable but outdated accessories and outfit pieces can find a new life through donations, too, but in your closet, they’ll do nothing but take up space. The more you hang on to stuff that clashes with your look, the more you lose out on things that better suit you. You want things that make you feel and look your best when you wear them.

Getting rid of clothes can be a scary thing. We fill our heads with crazy doubts—what if I want it later? What if I need it suddenly? While these scenarios might happen, chances are they will not. After all, getting rid of clothes does not mean you can’t bring in new clothes to replace them!

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