Keep Your Bathroom Looking Spotless With These Tips and Tools

Many people find cleaning the bathroom the worst chore of all. However, you can keep your bathroom looking spotless with these tips and tools. They’re tricks you should use every day to make bathroom upkeep a breeze.

Turn On the Exhaust Fan

Most people enjoy hot and steamy showers. The obvious downside of this is that the humidity levels rise in the bathroom. Humidity encourages the growth of mildew, mold, and fungi on your shower curtain and other hidden areas. A great tip to help combat the moisture is to turn on the exhaust fan while showering. This simple act gets rid of any steam buildup.

Clean the Toilet Bowl Once a Day

This advice may seem like a shocking task, but we’re not talking about a daily deep clean of your toilet. Simply toss a small amount of cleaning fluid into the bowl and quickly swish around the sides. Including this in your daily routine will ensure those stubborn hard water stains won’t return.

Empty the Trash Can

The trash can in your bathroom is one of the dirtiest objects in your home. It’s important to empty and clean the bin every day.

Attend to the Shower Walls

You constantly expose your shower walls to water and spills. Hard water stains will form and become permanent if you don’t take the time to wipe them down after each shower or bath. Save yourself from the headache and time by wiping down the walls using a mild cleaner daily. Otherwise, you’ll need to pull out the harsher chemicals and abrasives.

Clear Off Your Vanity

It’s uncommon to find a vanity that’s clear of face products, makeup, or handwashing soap. However, an immaculate one looks better. Store your everyday items, such as toothbrushes and cosmetics, in baskets underneath the sink or inside a drawer. This simple trick will also protect these items from unwarranted splashes.

Let In the Sun

Another tip to keep your bathroom looking spotless is to open the blinds and windows in your bathroom. Sunshine is an excellent way to fight mildew and mold, and you’ll get some fresh air.

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