Keep Cool This Summer With These Easy Tips

Summertime is a great time for the family. The kids are home, and you are spending time together on vacation. However, one of the things that is horrible about summer is that the temperatures are going up. The good news is that there are some simple ways that you can keep you and your family cool during the hot weather.

Stay Hydrated

Your body keeps itself cool through sweat. But it’s important that you are drinking lots of water so that it has the necessary moisture. It’s recommended that you drink anywhere from 2-4 glasses when it’s excessively hot. You don’t want to wait to feel thirsty before you drink.

You also want to avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and alcohol. These can cause dehydration.

Pay Close Attention to the Things You Drink & Eat

Diet will affect how you’re managing the response of your body to the higher temperatures. It’s best to reduce your salt and protein intake, since these will produce metabolic heat. This will cause you to lose water. Eat more vegetables and fruits and eat more frequent, smaller meals. You also want to avoid alcohol since this will increase heat’s effects.

Stay Inside

The best thing you can do is to stay inside when the sun’s at its hottest. This is generally between 11 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. This is especially important when it’s really hot. Staying inside will help you stay cool and avoid things like heat stroke.

Dress for the Weather

When it’s cold outside, you wear thick, heavy clothing. So you should wear the opposite when it’s hot outside. You want to wear lightweight, light-colored and loose clothing. You also want to take cool baths or showers.

Keep Cool This Summer With These Easy Tips

If you are unable to go swimming, applying water to your skin is a great alternative. Applying wet, cold towels to places like your armpit, groin, wrist and neck can help with bringing your body’s core temperature down.

These parts of your body have a lot of blood vessels near their surface, and when they come into contact with cold, it will help with transferring the heat you’re your body. This will help you to cool down a lot quicker.

Put a Hat On

This will help you from the affects of direct sun. it also will help you avoid sunburn, which affects the ability of your body to cool itself down. It also can cause dehydration.

Don’t Leave Children or Pets in Cars

The radiation from the sun will heat the objects it hits, like dark seats or dashboards. This also will warm the air that’s trapped inside the vehicle. In just two minutes, your car’s interior can heat up from a temperature that’s safe to 94.3. it even can get to temperatures from 180-200+ degrees.Don’t leave children or pets in a car, which can swelter in the sun.

Learn How to Recognize Heat Exhaustion & Stroke

Some of the signs of these dangerous conditions are nausea, rapid pulse, fainting and headache. However, these symptoms may vary. Those who suffer from the more serious heat stroke, which can lead to death, may have a pulse that is strong and rapid while someone with heat exhaustion’s pulse could be weak and rapid.

Things that you can do when someone has one of these illnesses is to get them to a place that is cooler and putting cool, wet cloths. You also want to call 911 when someone shows signs of heat stroke, if they’re vomiting or if their symptoms worsen.

Freeze or Refrigerate Bed Sheets

This is a trick that you are going to love the way that it cools you down. Put your sheets into your freezer or fridge for 30 minutes prior to sleeping. You are going to find that you’re comfortable while sleeping and it will make summer bedtime a lot more enjoyable.

You also can think about buying some gel packs that are soft so that they can be placed beneath the sheets or even tucked in between your knees while wrapped up in one of your tea towels.

Cool Down Pressure Points

Knowing your body’s pressure points is one of the best things that you can do to keep yourself cool. Use a bottle filled with cold water or a small ice pack to these points below.


  • Ankles
  • Behind your knees
  • Bends of the elbows
  • Neck
  • Temples
  • Wrists


Turn Up the Spice

This may sound weird, but it’s true. Eating spicy foods can help you with cooling down. Spicy food will increase the circulation in your blood. This will make you sweat. This will make you cool down.

Mist Yourself

One of the best ways that you can feel cooler is to use a spray bottle or mister to spray yourself throughout the day. This won’t just hydrate your skin, but it will add moisture that the air will cool off by evaporation, which helps you with cooling down. You can also do it using a dampened towel, which is handy since it can help with clearing the stale sweat from your body, but it also might help you with feeling itchy. So misting yourself might be better.

Avoid Cooking

One of the biggest things that will heat up your house is cooking. So avoid cooking using your oven. One of the best ways to avoid using your oven is by using a crock-pot. Or, if you have a grill, you can use that. But if it’s too hot outside, you won’t want to do that either.

Another good option is to eat salads or sandwiches. Or, another tasty option that you can use is to mix tuna, macaroni, mayonnaise, celery and onion together. Have some raw veggies on the side and you have a filling meal that only uses your stove-top rather than your oven.

Cool Your Neck

Place a handkerchief in water, soak it and put it around the neck. This is going to add some moisture to your body that will evaporate, cooling you off. It’s also going to cool down your head and blood. This will also work around your other points as well. You can also purchase neck wraps that are storable in your freezer or fridge.

Adjust the AC

You might think that having your home really cool is going to be the right way to go.  This might be the best choice if you’re always in your home or car. however, if you are getting it used to these conditions, when it’s necessary to transition to going outside, you may find it’s a big shock. This may make you feel worse.

These are some of the things that you can do to help you and your loved ones to keep cool during the summer. Keep in mind that you want to just use common sense. Don’t exercise during excessive heat, and if you do, stop when you are feeling hot.

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