Begin the New Year With a New Health and Beauty Routine

Many people fill their new year with fresh goals, such as prioritizing their mental health and updating their fitness goals. Since there’s a lot going on in this world, you may want to develop a fine-tuned routine to create moments of calm in your daily life. Here’s how to begin the new year with a new health and beauty routine.

Completely Remove Makeup Before Bed

Most of us know that we need to wash our faces before falling asleep, but that doesn’t always happen. This year, take the time to ensure you’ve removed all makeup before climbing into bed. Double cleansing is an excellent way to ensure you take off all your makeup and that your face is clean. Micellar water is the perfect start for removing most grime at the end of the day. Follow that with a creamy or foamy face cleanser, depending on your skin type.

Slow down and stop rushing. Enjoy your end-of-the-day routine and create a calming environment to help you sleep.

Cut the Cuticle Picking and Nail Biting

Are you a nail-biter, or do you pick at your cuticles? Most people do these things to relieve stress, and these habits take a lot of discipline to quit. Take time to do your nails or head to your favorite nail salon for some pampering.

Cuticle oil is another excellent way to stop biting and picking. The oil will nourish the nailbeds and prevent them from becoming brittle and breaking, which leads to biting.

Get Rid of Dry Winter Skin

Winter brings dry air and dry, itchy, scaly skin. It makes a difference when you apply moisturizer to your face and body. Moreover, you can keep your skin soft and supple when you frequently use it throughout the day.

Limit the amount of time you spend in the shower and avoid using hot water. Apply lotion quickly after getting out of the water. The longer you wait, the more hydration you lose.

Embrace Daily SPF

Protecting your skin from intense UV rays is the first defense against premature aging and skin cancer. An essential step in skin care is applying an SPF 30 sunscreen every day. Many daily moisturizers have SPF, making it easy to kill two steps in one.

Beginning the new year with a new health and beauty routine will help set you up for the year to come. These small goals will put your health on the right track. DailySale has a large selection of discount health and beauty products that you can use to kick off your resolutions. Feel free to browse our website to find what you need.

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