A Guide to Choosing a Birthday Gift Dad Will Love

Sometimes dads will get a bad rap. Children put a lot of thought into their gifts they buy for their moms but dad’s birthdays are often full of last-minute gifts. But we believe dads should have as much consideration as moms. That’s why we have created this guide to choosing the perfect birthday gift for dad.

Tips for Finding a Gift

Figure Out What You can Spend – The first thing you want to do when you are looking for a gift for his birthday is to figure out what you are able to spend. The last thing your dad wants is for you go to into debt for him. The gift you give him doesn’t have to cost a lot – it just has to be thoughtful.

Consider What He Likes to Do – What is your dad doing during his free hours? Is he sitting in front of the TV? Does he like to golf or fun? Does he have a boat? Does he grill, read books? Does he love traveling? No matter what he likes to do, there’s a gift that you can find.

Think of What He Needs – Sometimes when you are looking for a gift, the best thing that you can do is to fill the need. This will go along with thinking of what he enjoys doing. If he loves a certain television show, you can get him the season of it. if he loves grilling, why not a new set of knives or some gourmet BBQ sauce.

Make the Gift About Dad – Finally, when you are looking for a gift for your father, make it something that he will actually use. If you really don’t know what to get him, gift cards to his favorite stores are always a good idea. However, this should be used as a last resort when you really have NO IDEA what to get him.

Now that we have discussed some of the ways that you can choose the right gift for your father, now let’s look at some of the ideas for dads with different hobbies.

Grilling Fathers

Summertime is the best time to find the perfect gift for a father who loves to grill, because the weather is beautiful and the burgers, hot dogs and chicken are ready to be cooked to perfection on a gas or charcoal grill. There are plenty of grilling options for every type of budget, from knives and grilling mats to aprons and meat thermometers. You can even make it a combination gift and give him some meat from a steak delivery place or a new BBQ cookbook.

Traveling Fathers

Does your dad always go traveling, either for business or for pleasure? Why not give him something handy to take with him on his trips? If he has a lot of gadgets, and who doesn’t these days, then he might love something that will keep all his cords tangle free. If he is always traveling overseas, maybe  a voltage adapter. If you have siblings, why not all go together and get him some new luggage? There are a lot of possibilities that you can choose from to help your traveling dad have a great birthday.

Fishing Fathers

Does your dad love nothing better than going off and going fishing? If so, rejoice because there are a lot of great choices for you that you can give your dad. There are fishing flies. Fishing poles, gadgets that he can use for fishing, nets, and even hats that he can wear for fishing. You might even want to buy him a t-shirt that says something about fishing, or a book that talks about the different fish species that he can catch.

Techie Fathers

If your dad loves all of the new gadgets and is always up for getting the latest phone or tablet, your options are just about limitless. You can always get him a new case for his phone or tablet, you can get him some new earbuds, a gift card to use in the store or even things to help him charge his gadgets. If he has a Kindle, why not give him an Amazon gift card or a Kindle gift card so that he can buy his own books.

Television & Movie Dads

If your dad has a favorite television show, as we mentioned above, you can always get him the current season of the television show. If he doesn’t have a particular show that he likes but he loves movies, a subscription to Amazon Prime or Netflix will make a great choice. What better way to show him that you love him than to give him unlimited entertainment?

Now that we have given you some ideas of what to get Dad for his birthday, we’re going to talk about some of the mistakes you should avoid when choosing a gift.

Waiting Until the Last Minute

Yes, we know that things ship pretty fast with certain shopping services. But you never know when it could take a little longer to get to your father. So you don’t want to wait until it’s the last minute to choose your gift.

Not Considering His Likes

There was an episode of The Cosby Show where Cliff talked about all of the things that his children had given him for Father’s Day over the years, all of which were completely crazy. Fortunately, by the end of the show they had gone out and purchased good Father’s Day gifts, in December no less, and he was happy. Don’t make this mistake. Even though you are purchasing a gift for his birthday, avoid making this mistake. Purchase gifts that he is going to like, because otherwise you’re wasting your time and money.

Just Going for a Gift Card

Now, this isn’t to say that this can’t be a standby gift if you absolutely can’t think of anything, or your father asked specifically for it. However, this shouldn’t be the gift that you think of first. Take some time and put thought into his gift. Then, if you can’t think of anything that is in your budget, a gift card will be fine.

Thinking Its All About the Money

Sometimes the best gift that you can give someone is something that requires a lot of thought but not necessarily a lot of money. You could spend a lot of money on something and give him something he won’t like, or you could find something he’ll love for a few dollars.

If you are looking for a gift for your dad for his birthday, we have plenty of gifts in our store from which to choose. From grilling accessories to technology accessories and a lot more, we have plenty of gifts for all dads, from young to old.

We are also happy to help you with finding the right gift, so if you are stumped, simply send us a message or call us and we’ll be happy to help you with finding the right one. We’re always happy to help you and answer your questions.

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