Which Gold Is Best for You? 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k Gold?

With various golds available to choose from, such as 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k, how do you know which gold is best for you? We’re going to break down the different karats, so you can decide the next time you want to purchase gold jewelry.

Pure 24k Gold

You rarely find jewelry, especially wedding bands and engagement rings, made from 24k gold because they will see a lifetime of wear and tear. Many jewelry makers have begun using 22k gold; it’s incredibly close to the pureness of 24k, but without the drawbacks. However, it’s not suitable for setting gemstones. 22k gold is 91.7 percent pure gold, with the remaining percentage filled with nickel, silver, or zinc.

18k Gold

This purity is the highest quality everyday jewelry. It’s also the most costly karat weight to buy. You can find many wristwatches made from 18k gold. It gives off a wonderful golden hue, but it also has downsides. Because gold is naturally soft, 18k gold accessories easily accumulate scratches.

Since it has a high purity level, you’re less likely to suffer an allergic reaction or irritation from wearing 18k gold jewelry.

14k Gold

14k gold is incredibly durable and high-quality. It’s the most popular gold purchased for wedding bands and engagement rings. It offers a classic appearance without the expense of higher karat weights. It’s an affordable gold that holds up well against daily wear.

Individuals with sensitive skin should be careful with 14k gold. It’s more likely to cause skin irritations and allergic reactions.

10k Gold

10k gold is the most affordable and durable option of all gold types. It’s the most impure on the market at only 41.7 percent gold. The low gold percentage leaves room for other metals that could cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Due to the low gold content, you won’t typically find many engagement rings or wedding bands made from 10k gold.

Everyone’s preferences are different, so refer to these breakdowns when deciding which gold is best for you. Use this guide to check out DailySale’s online necklace deals for beautiful jewelry at a great price!

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