Types of Bedding: How To Choose the Right Bedding

Bedding is one of the crucial factors in getting a good night’s sleep. It’s not something to let fall to the wayside. Perhaps you don’t understand how to select the right bedding? Read on to discover the different types of bedding and how to choose the right bedding for you.

What Is Bedding?

Bedding refers to the pillows, bed sheets, blankets, and other components individuals use to protect their mattresses and cover their beds.

Your bedding is essential because it impacts your sleep quality, protects the mattress, promotes good hygiene, and keeps you comfortable while you sleep. You can purchase a bedding set, such as a comforter, a bed skirt, or a sham. Alternatively, you can buy individual bed coverings. Another option is to purchase a sheet set where you’ll receive a flat sheet, two pillowcases, and a fitted sheet.

Types of Bedding

There are various bedding types people use for decorative and practical purposes. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of bedding.


This decorative bed cover serves as the top layer over the entire bed. Bedspreads are incredibly useful for people who like to protect bedding from elements like odors and dust.

Bed Skirt

A bed skirt is a decorative material that hides the bed frame and extends to the floor. Bed skirts stylishly hide boxes, clothing, and other items you may store under your bed.

Mattress Cover

A mattress cover envelopes the entire mattress, protecting it from elements like mold, bed bugs, dust mites, and spills. Mattress covers will also protect your mattress against excess body oil and sweat. Some specialty covers can also help regulate body temperature as you’re sleeping. You can purchase a hypoallergenic cover if you have allergy issues with the average mattress covers.

Flat Sheet

Flats sheets are also known as top sheets. These sheets lay flat on the fitted sheet, tucked into the bottom end of the mattress and left open at the top. People typically use them as a lighter covering during warmer weather.

Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet fits snuggly around the mattress, mattress topper, or cover. It’s the bottom sheet that you lay on. You can find deep pocket versions to slip over wider mattresses.

Comforter and Duvet

A comforter is a cushioned blanket that rests on top of other bedding to provide extra comfort and warmth. Some people enjoy down comforters, while others prefer alternatives, such as polyester and rayon.

Duvets are the slightly thicker versions of comforters. They’re soft, fabric bags filled with synthetic materials or down feathers. Many people purchase duvet covers for decorative reasons and to protect the duvet.


A coverlet doesn’t drape over the entire bed, and people use it for decorative purposes. It features a beautiful woven design, and it hangs low enough to cover the bed’s bottom.


A quilted blanket lays flatter than a duvet or comforter. Some people use it as a blanket when they need extra warmth, but quilts tend to be less comfortable than other blankets.


There are two common pillow categories: throw and sleeping pillows. You use sleeping pillows to drift off to sleep at night, and you cover them with a pillow cover or a pillowcase for protection. On the other hand, throw pillows exist for decorative purposes. They’re available in various styles and colors to accentuate aesthetics or seasons.

How Bedding Can Affect Your Sleep

The right type of bedding will contribute to a good night’s sleep. Choosing the wrong bedding can result in you tossing and turning all night long. The following are a few ways your bedding can affect your sleep.

  • The wrong bedding can irritate your skin: If you buy bedsheets made with harsh synthetic fibers or weaves that are too coarse, they can irritate your skin and worsen existing skin conditions. This will result in you having difficulty falling asleep and relaxing in bed at night.
  • They can trap too much heat: Some individuals have issues with overheating while they sleep. This issue can lead to dehydration and excessive sweating. You’re prone to tossing and turning all night in search of a cooler spot in your bed that’s dry.
  • They don’t keep you warm: If your bedding fabric is too breathable, you may find yourself having trouble finding or maintaining a comfortably warm temperature. Overheating may be an issue for some, while others may suffer from cold sensitivity. This issue can result in a lower quality of sleep, and you may have trouble staying awake during the day.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Bedding

You want to find the best quality bedding options available in your budget. There are a few factors that will influence your bedding purchase. It directly impacts your sleep, so spending the money on high-quality bedding is worth it. Let’s explore these factors.


Do you or your partner suffer from horrible allergies? If so, it’s worth searching for bedding with antimicrobial properties to help curb sneezing and a runny nose. These materials are naturally resistant to mold and dust mites.


If you typically get hot while you sleep, you should purchase sheets made of breathable fabrics. If you tend to feel cold at night, include one layer of synthetic material to trap in body heat and help keep you comfortable.


It’s tempting to purchase an expensive set of sheets thinking the price point will solve all your problems. But buying inexpensive sheets can help you save money. If you find discount bed sheets that contain all the benefits you need, that’s fantastic! DailySale has an incredible selection of bedding, so you’ll find the set that you or your family needs with us.


The weave and material of the fabric play a crucial role in the feel of the sheets. When you see the term “thread count,” this explains the number of woven threads in a square inch of fabric. Keep in mind that the higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. You should look for sheets that are between a 200 and 400 thread count. This will give you the best result in terms of comfort.

As you’ve discovered, choosing the right bedding isn’t the same for everyone. We all have different needs as we sleep. Finding what bedding works for you may take some trial and error, but understanding how to choose the right bedding is crucial to a good night’s rest. Happy sleeping!

Types of Bedding: How To Choose the Right Bedding

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