Transform Your Bedroom With These Simple Steps

Is your room feeling a bit bland to you? Are you bored of your bedroom and in need of a change? Then follow along to transform your bedroom with these simple steps.

Get a Great Headboard

A fabulous headboard can transform even the most boring of bedrooms into something especially spectacular. Headboards allow you to show off your creativity and bring your room to life. There are endless headboards to choose from, or you can even make one yourself! Go pick out a fabulous color from your local paint store and mark off a rectangle around your bed with painter’s tape. Voila—you’ve created a colorful headboard and brought some life into your bedroom.

There is no wrong way to create a headboard. Feel free to hang some sparkly twinkle lights down from the ceiling. This idea is another easy, inexpensive way to make a headboard.

Use Colorful Throw Pillows

Neutrals are great for creating a soothing environment, but they can get boring if you don’t provide any contrast. Using throw pillows is a simple way to add color and contrast to your bedroom. They’re easy to switch out with the changing seasons. This idea is another great way to get creative since there is such a variety of throw pillows on the market. You can find pillows with sequins and sayings, pillows with puppies and hedgehogs, and pillows with paintings and art. The possibilities are endless, so have fun!

Add Soothing Plants

Why not liven up your bedroom with something literally alive? Plants provide endless possibilities to energize a room. Flowers and greenery also purify the air you breathe.

Are you afraid you won’t be able to keep your plants alive? Not to worry! Choose plants that require less maintenance. Some species won’t suffer if you forget to water them. There are also plants that you don’t need to repot because they don’t grow too large. Try out the Chinese evergreen, a dracaena, or a pothos.

Incorporate Metallic Elements

Are you looking to add a bit of spice and bling to your bedroom? Shimmery and shiny elements are great additions to bring excitement to your room. You can bring these features in with glass, other reflective surfaces, metallics, and embellishments. For example, sequin throw pillows can lend a sparkle to an otherwise dull space. Gold is a warm metallic that is trending right now, but if you fancy cool tones instead, silver or chrome are the ways to go.

You want to be strategic about the placement of metallic elements because they can become overwhelming. Pick up a mirror with a metallic gold frame and a few gold sequin pillows, or pick up matching bedside lamps with shiny bases.

Display Art

Are your bedroom walls bare? Homeowners make the mistake of keeping art confined to the living room, entryway, or dining room. Art is a great way to bring the walls in your bedroom to life. Hang your favorite photograph, a painting from an artist you admire, a quilt your grandmother created, or a fun print you found at the store. You can even create a mural on a wall if you’re feeling extra creative.

Place the artwork where you have the most open space and where you want to draw attention.

Change up the Lighting

Is the lighting in your room just a ceiling fan with a frosted glass bowl? Update the lighting situation with an exciting chandelier. Or, go for something cozier and add a dimmer. There are so many options to choose from to create the ambiance you crave in the bedroom. Even if you change nothing else about your room, giving the lighting an upgrade is enough to add a certain air of finesse.

Maybe add matching lamps to your bedside tables, or create a pendant light to show off your personal taste and style. You are sure to find something your love.

Have Accent Walls

Accents walls are trending for a good reason. They make it easy to add a pop of color to your room without much effort. You can use paint or removable wallpaper to make a particular wall stand out above the rest. Most people choose the wall that the head of the bed is against, but there are no rules. To make the accent wall really pop, keep the other walls neutral in color. You can go bright, dark, bold, or sparkly. Again, there are no rules.


To bring even more pizzazz to a painted accent wall, add a pattern.

Update Your Rug

People often forget floors when it comes to decorating. They’re typically an afterthought. Adding a solid patterned or brightly colored rug will spruce up the floor in a jiffy, though. Rugs don’t have to be solely for hardwood floors. It’s not a rule that if you have carpet, you can’t lay down a rug.

A rug can also tie an entire room together. It can incorporate the colors from your accent wall and throw pillows to make the bedroom feel complete. Pick an attractive rug to make your bedroom feel anything but dull.

Find Bedside Lamps

Bedside lamps serve many purposes. They create mood lighting, help dim the room for sleep, and can make your space feel prettier. Lamps are relatively inexpensive ways to bring ambiance and color to an otherwise bland area of your room. You can find bedside lamps in various styles, so you’ll definitely be able to find what you need. They’re also widely available at many stores. You may even get lucky enough to find something you love at a second-hand shop or thrift store.

A bedside lamp is perfect for creating mood lighting and great for when you’re trying to finish up that last chapter after your partner has fallen asleep.

Upgrade Your Bedding

Are you bored with your bedding? Maybe you’ve just had the same bedding for a while, or you’ve been making do with the same tired old blanket you’ve had since college. Time to change it up! Switching your bedding is such an easy way to transform the look of your room. It sets the whole mood and style of the space. You can really let your taste and style shine through your bedding as well. If you have a neutral room, go for a bright pattern, or let your personality shine through with a subtle print.

You don’t have to spend a fortune either. Discount Sales has a wide variety of discount bedding online for you to choose from. So have fun transforming your bedroom with these simple steps.

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