Tips for Getting Spare Bedrooms Ready for Holiday Guests

The holidays are a time to gather together with friends and family and reflect on the past year. People travel from far and near to spend time with one another. If you’re hosting guests in your home this season, here are a few tips for getting spare bedrooms ready for holiday guests.

Declutter the Room

Unless you keep the room immaculate, this step is the first task to tackle when ensuring the room is ready. Take a look at the space and decide how you’d like it to look. Which furniture pieces would you like to highlight? Most likely, it will be the bed, but what about the nightstand or a small seating area?

Grab two trash bags, one for garbage and one for items you’ll deal with later, and get to work tossing stuff. Put on some music or a podcast to have some fun while you’re decluttering.

Clean the Room

You knew it was coming—the inevitable cleaning. Cleaning will be much easier to handle after you’ve cleared the room of all its clutter.

Vacuum the floor. Dust down all furniture and don’t forget the ceiling fan. Wipe down the headboard and footboard. Add a fresh set of sheets to the bed and add a blanket in case your guests become chilly in the night. After ensuring all essential room maintenance is taken care of, you’re all set with the cleaning portion.

Add Thoughtful Touches

Another tip for getting the spare bedroom ready is to add thoughtful touches. Adding fresh flowers in a vase or a few candles with a lighter or matches are great additions to make your guests feel comfortable in your home. Write down the Wi-Fi password on a notepad and place a few clean towels in the room, so your guests don’t have to go searching.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Make sure you’ve stocked the guest bathroom with the necessities. Make sure you’ve filled the soap dispenser and that you have extra hand towels, washcloths, and towels ready for your guests. Place the extra toilet paper in plain sight and have spare lotion, shampoo, and conditioner available if your guests forget theirs or run out.

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