Simple Bedding Swaps To Prepare for Cooler Months

A few simple bedding swaps to prepare for cooler months that you can make include a plush comfort mattress pad, higher thread count, pulling out that bed skirt, and darker color sheets. After reading these tips, you are well on your way to preparing for the cooler months that lie ahead.

Using a Higher Thread Count

By using a higher thread count, you trade in thin sheets for thicker ones. Higher thread counts are great for the cooler months because they are a hotter sheet. Don’t go under the count of 500 or over 1,600 in the cooler months.

You can find your happy medium in between the two counts. Here at Daily Sales Inc., we have a six-piece Egyptian deep pocket and bamboo luxury sheet perfect for any size bed.

Switching To Darker Color Sheets

If you leave the blinds open, you can attract a little sun into your room. But if you’re not a fan of the sun, you can always switch to darker color sheets like the maroons, blues, and blacks. Darker color sheets will attract more heat to your bedding.

Using a Bed Skirt

Bed skirts come with our comforter sets, and if the set doesn’t include one, you should purchase one of our darker-colored bed skirts for the cooler months. They help hide the contents under the bed, but they can also add another layer of warmth to your room, making them perfect for a colder night.

Swapping Your bedding

The best thing to do during the cold months is to swap out your bedding! If you need a new set with everything included, our bedding deals online will blow your mind. We have all the bedding parts necessary to make your bed a cozy place.

To swap your bedding out, put the mattress pad back on or purchase one. Then, use all the decorative pillows on the bed, a higher thread count sheet set, and pull that thicker comforter out. When you swap your bedding, make sure you layer the bed. You can do this with the mattress pad, topper, fitted sheet, throw sheet, an extra blanket, and your comforter.

Moving the Bed

If keeping the blinds open and windows closed hasn’t helped to create warmth in your room, it’s time to move your bed. If your bed is near the window or a poorly insulated wall, relocating your bed is a simple swap that will help you prepare for the cooler months. If you don’t want to move the bed or swap out your entire bedding set, a good alternative is to use plastic over your windows. Also, you can put a rug at the foot or side of your bed in the cooler months.

Having a Heated Blanket

A great way to prepare for the cooler months is by heaving a heating pad or a heated blanket on standby. These are great to have if you don’t want to make any changes as they provide immediate warmth. If you have a plastic mattress protector, act with caution when trying to layer the heated blanket on top of it. You don’t want anything to melt or overheat, causing a fire.

Pulling Out Extra Blankets

A convenient way to prepare for the cooler months is by having extra blankets out, whether you make them a part of your decoration by putting them on an ottoman, chair, or the foot of the bed. You should get blankets made of flannel, cable-knit, wool, cotton fleece, or cashmere. If you’re feeling fancy, you can use animal skin or any other faux throw that matches your bedding.

Using a Mattress Pad

The most straightforward bedding swap to prepare for cooler months is using a mattress pad! They are great for the cooler months because they retain body heat. A mattress pad is not only suitable for heat production, but it is also hypoallergenic and adds a layer of comfort to your bed.

Adding More Pillows

The average person only has about two pillows on their bed and maybe four for a couple. By adding more pillows, you allow yourself to have more items to absorb some of your body heat and recirculate it during the nights of the cooler months.

A notable pillow mention for the cooler months is a body pillow. They offer more padding and flexibility, and you can use them in a variety of ways. For example, the abundance of pillows can keep you propped up, and you can use them for your neck, knees, and side if you have health issues. If not, use the decorative pillows that come with your comforter set. Of course, you can purchase regular pillows and add them to your bedding set.

Buying a Top Sheet

A top sheet is an interestingly thin yet warm layer that’s under the comforters in a hotel. It is lightweight but effective. Buying a top sheet is an excellent investment for your bedding in the cooler months.

Purchasing a top sheet will allow you to make minimal changes to the bedding setup you already have. If your room doesn’t get too cold, and you’ve already established your perfect thread count, this is the addition for you.

Using Flannel Sheets

Like the top sheet, flannel sheets are a miraculous addition to have in your linen collection for the cooler months. If you don’t want to deal with thread count or pay attention to any fancy names, you can always grab a flannel sheet set from our shop. We have an extensive collection of flannel fleece blankets, throws, and bed covers.

They provide more insulation in the cold while trapping your body heat inside the covers with you. On top of warmth, they are also soft, comforting, and come in various colors, textures, and sizes. We here at Daily Sale Inc. take pride in having all the essentials you need to transition to the next season, no matter which one.

So, after deciding if you’re going to get your room ready for the cooler months or completely redecorate, visit us! We have all the necessities for a reasonable price with low shipping rates.

Simple Bedding Swaps To Prepare for Cooler Months

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