Robot Vacuums: How To Clean Without Lifting a Finger

Convenience is a beautiful thing when you’re a busy person. Robot vacuums have made life easier and have shown us the minimalist side of cleaning your home. If you recently purchased a new robot vacuum, follow along to understand your robot vacuum and how to clean without lifting a finger.

Test It Out

Set aside some time to observe your robot vacuum doing its job. Every home’s layout is different, so watching the device work will let you know how it steers and maneuvers around your house and potential areas where it could get stuck. It will also show you potential problem areas.

Clear the Floors

It’s typical for the main brush of the vacuum to become tangled with cords, curtains, or other objects left on the floor. Make sure you’re clearing your floors before running the robot vacuum to avoid scenarios where the vacuum runs off with your new charging cord. Anything left on the ground could damage or break the vacuum.

Be Mindful of Shag and Tassels

Tassels on the end of rugs are also challenging for the vacuum to navigate, as they can get tangled up in the brush. While the device can often wiggle itself free, it could leave the tassels mangled or bunched. Take time to tuck them away before a cleaning session.

Shag rugs can be harmful to robot vacuums, too, and it’s easiest to remove them from the floor altogether before running the vacuum.

Put Away Chairs

To help your vacuum clear away the crumbs under the kitchen or dining room table, think about turning your chairs upside down and placing them on top of your table. If you don’t have time, back the chairs away from the table to give the vacuum some space to maneuver.

Set a Schedule

Most modern robot vacuums have a feature that allows you to set up when you’d like the vacuum to clean. This way, you can set up cleaning schedules for when you’ll be out of the house and can avoid being disturbed.

Regularly Clean the Vacuum

Stay on top of regular vacuum cleaning to ensure the device is operating at its best. Empty the dustbin, clean the debris and dust from the filters, and cut away tangled hair from the brush. Remember to periodically wipe off the charging contacts and anti-drop sensors on the bottom as well.

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