Minimalist Jewelry Trends for 2021

Sometimes our inner fashionistas take over, and we can flaunt big opera necklaces or drip with gemstones. Other times, a more refined look is in order, and we must be creative and allow our ensemble to be thought-provoking. One way to do this is to dazzle onlookers with new minimalist jewelry trends for 2021.

Subtle and Symmetric

When it comes to subtle, nothing is quite as elegant as symmetry. Currently, the hottest looks are symmetric pendants or geometric charms evenly spaced on a simple chain. For those looking to outshine the fashion competition in their life, try out some other forms of symmetry besides bilateral.

Most people assume symmetry refers to anything with two mirrored sections on either side of a central, typically vertical divide. In reality, symmetry has many forms, all of which have stunning results in jewelry. Mirrored faces can reflect off of many divides besides left and right. Try out something a little more daring with rotational, translation, or radial symmetry.

Glam of the Wild

Just when we thought we were out of the woods with woodland interior decorating themes, 2021 brings it back in jewelry form. Nature-inspired pieces are rapidly becoming all the rage—particularly designs that also include symmetry, most commonly as pendants or stringer charms. While you can still show off any piece of jewelry with your favorite critter, it’s the bilateral divide look people are after right now.

Beads, charms, solid metal pendants, and ornate rhinestone creature pieces that naturally display this type of symmetry are in, especially in vogue. Look out for seashells, gilded cowrie, or the ever-popular butterfly when shopping discount jewelry online if you want to jump right into this trend.

Metallic Majesty

When it comes to jewelry, plenty of people head straight for the biggest faux gemstones and the flashiest pendants they can grab. Very rarely do people appreciate the raw beauty of subtler pieces. Ancient civilizations knew just how amazing precious metals were on their own, and the most powerful people in society often wore bangles and necklaces of metals like gold and silver.

After years of gaudy designs, we’re finally starting to see an increase in the availability of jewelry that takes advantage of metal in a unique way. In particular smooth-faced dangling charms on chokers are very popular right now. Figure-shaped pendants, as well as engraved geometric ones, are making a comeback. Finally, never underestimate the stunning grace of filigree when it comes to minimalist jewelry trends for 2021.

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