Jewelry Trends to Watch in 2022 and Beyond

A new year typically brings new trends. Perhaps you’re wondering what’s trending for jewelry this year. Keep reading to find out which jewelry trends to watch in 2022 and beyond. Maybe you’ll find something that catches your eye.


“Pearlcore” is a term recently coined on the internet to describe a particular 2022 jewelry trend. Pearls are back but in whimsical and unexpected ways. Imagine varied sizes, colors, and styles paired together on one strand. Designers such as Tom Ford and Givenchy have tried this out on the runways.

Silver Metal

Don’t worry. Yellow gold isn’t going anywhere, but 2022 is the year for silver shine. It’s now in the spotlight with an edgy, punk feel. Think twisted shapes and heavyweight chains with arched and pointed links.


If you’re into bright, vibrant, and sleek jewelry, you’ll want to add a few enamel pieces to your collection. Enamel jewelry has been on the scene for a few years and shows no signs of going anywhere. It feels very 90s and brings back all the nostalgia. Enamel pieces are easy to layer and super fun to wear. You can dress them up for work or a night out on the town with friends.


Hoops have been around for a long time and have evolved to stay relevant. They’re still here in 2022 with fresh, modern, updated styles. Sleek gold or silver hoops are everyday essentials in various sizes and styles. Play around with stacking different sizes until you find the design perfect for you.


Another trend inspired by Y2K is beads, beads, and more beads. We’ve seen this trend on the runways from Brandon Maxwell and Coach. In 2022, jewelry makers are creating masterpieces using vibrant beads next to gold and silver pieces. They’re taking something simple to the next level. Gone are the days of the childish-looking bead pieces. It’s time to embrace the beads!

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