How To Find the Ideal Necklace Size for You

Have you ever purchased a necklace online, put it on, and the length wasn’t what you hoped for? We all have personal style and length preferences. It’s imperative to pay attention to length when you’re wearing multiple necklaces at once.

So, how do you figure out your necklace size? Follow along and explore this guide on how to find the ideal necklace size for you.

Different Necklace Lengths and Names

Let’s start with the type of necklace you are looking for. You’ll find that not all jewelers have the same names for the different lengths, but this is a handy guide for the standardized sizes and names:

  • 14” Collar- This type of necklace wraps around your throat or neck.
  • 16” Choker- Sometimes, this necklace is called a Bib. It falls close to the base of your neck.
  • 17-18” Princess- These usually fall on the collarbone
  • 20-24” Matinee- This necklace style will fall somewhere between the collarbone and the top of your bust
  • 28-36” Opera- Opt for the opera style if you’re searching for a longer necklace. It will land a smidge below your bust line.
  • 36-42” Rope- These are the longest necklace style. You can wrap this necklace around your neck to adjust the length how you’d like.

All of these lengths will depend on your posture and body type since nobody is the same. Also, take note that it’s a guide for women’s necklaces. Men’s and children’s are different and should go off the length of inches they desire.

How To Measure Length at Home

Measuring yourself at home before searching for necklaces at stores or online is a great idea.

Measuring Tape

Using a measuring tape is the easiest way to figure out your number. All you have to do is wrap it around your neck, adjust to the length you desire, and you’re all done!

Pro Tip

Make sure you measure in centimeters, not millimeters.

Necklaces You Own

Do you want to purchase another necklace similar to the one you have at home? Lay it out flat on a table, and measure. It’s that easy!

Ask the Jeweler

Ask a sales representative to measure you if you plan to shop in-store. They’ll have the correct tools on hand and take their time helping you choose a necklace right for you.

Try On Different Styles

This idea is pretty self-explanatory. Take time to try on different styles and lengths until you find the one that best suits your needs. Have a close friend come along or video chat with them if you’re indecisive and need extra guidance.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Length

You’re good to go now that you know your length, right? Not quite. Other factors you’ll want to consider include outfits, face shape, pendants, and height. Let’s take a closer look.

Face Shape

Oval-shaped faces are the easiest to shop for because almost any length and style fits this shape well. If you have a round face shape, it’s best to stick with medium-length necklaces. For triangle, square, diamond, and other pointed face shapes, shorter-length necklaces are the way to go.

Your Outfit

Most people purchase necklaces that match the outfits they wear. If you’re wearing a button-up blouse, pick out a style that lays above the first button. Consider wearing a longer chain if you’re wearing a turtleneck or sweater due to the colder weather outside. Otherwise, the necklace may become lost in all the fabric.

If your shirt has a sweetheart neckline, wear a princess-length style. Tops with a square neckline pair best with a collar-length necklace. Wear a choker when you pick out a strapless dress and shirt for the day.

At the end of the day, if you want to break the rules, go for it! It’s your style and whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

Your Height

It’s a little easier for taller women to pick and choose which necklaces they’d like to wear. If you’re a shorter woman, you may want to steer clear of longer lengths, as those may overwhelm your aesthetic. If you want a longer chain, you may want to wrap it a few times to create a shorter length.

The Pendants

Are you drawn to pendants or thinking of purchasing a necklace with one? Significantly larger pendants look more put together on longer chains. The length can handle the bulkiness the charm brings. The more petite charms pair nicely with shorter chains, so the necklace isn’t overwhelmed.

Large pendants can look good with shorter chains, don’t be afraid to style outside the box. Matinee and opera lengths pair well with deep v-neck cuts.

Ways To Adjust Necklace Length

What if I buy a necklace that’s too long?

It’s easier to fix if it’s a chain necklace. It may be as simple as re-clasping further down. You can tuck the tail down into your shirt to keep it hidden. This way isn’t ideal, but it will do the job for you.

If you or your significant other are handy, you can grab a pair of pliers to remove links until you achieve your desired length. Pay attention to the thickness of the chain. Don’t attempt to remove the links yourself if it’s too thick.

What if the necklace is too short? Can I add additional links to my chain? Yes, you can!

Find a reputable company that will add necklace extenders to create an adjustable necklace. You can also purchase a chair that already is an adjustable necklace. This adjustability means one necklace will pair with many different types of outfits. It will eliminate the need to buy multiple necklaces for multiple occasions.

Now you’re ready to go shopping for a new necklace with this new profound knowledge. Refer back to our guide on how to find the ideal necklace size for you while you’re out or online shopping.

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How To Find the Ideal Necklace Size for You

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