Complete Any Outfit With the Right Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry’s purpose is to—you guessed it—make a statement. It can transform any outfit from blah to WOW. On the other hand, the wrong piece can make your dress look clumsy. We have the advice to complete any outfit with the right statement jewelry that will help you out when you’re stuck.

Layer Top to Bottom

The best part about statement jewelry is that you can be as edgy and experimental as you’d like. It’s on-trend to wear a couple of necklaces instead of only one. Contrary to what many people might assume, there isn’t a rule that you must limit yourself to a single piece. It’s your statement to make, after all.

Coupling up two necklaces of the same color can be a fantastic way to brighten up a black or white dress. Try a top necklace and a bottom necklace to add layers and draw attention to more than one area of the outfit.

Chunky Statement Jewelry

You’ll typically find statement jewelry to be bigger, bolder, and louder. But this isn’t always the case. Chunky statement jewelry screams “see me” and can make significant impressions. If your outfit doesn’t have many embellishments or patterns, the chunky earrings, necklaces, or bracelets will give your clothing the drama it deserves. Don’t confuse big and bold with gaudy. When you wear chunky statement jewelry, you should let the accessories do the talking.

Sparkly Statements

Adding sparkles to your accessory collection doesn’t mean you have to break the bank by purchasing beautiful and bold diamonds. Although, no one would hold it against you if you did.

If you’re looking for practical glamor but are on a budget, look for items that sparkle at a fraction of the price of genuine diamonds. Jeweled-tone pieces like sapphires and emeralds give the same beautiful glittery effect. They’ll complement your skin tone and catch the light to show off their depth and beauty.

Go for a pair of emerald earrings with a simple single chain necklace with a subtle red dress for your next holiday party.

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