5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Jewelry

Letting go of old jewelry can be difficult, especially with pieces that have sentimental value. However, having items in your jewelry box that you never wear can keep you from finding and enjoying pieces you do like. Discover five signs it’s time to replace your jewelry.

Repair vs. Replace

Before you decide to replace jewelry, think about whether you can have the problem fixed through repair. A skilled jeweler can correct minor defects, missing pieces, or hard-to-reach tarnish. Style differences and negative emotions attached to pieces are more challenging to solve.

Signs You Should Replace Your Jewelry

Though fine jewelry should last long, accidents happen, and people change their minds about what they like. Don’t feel bad about replacing old jewelry if it means finding something new to love.

Broken Jewelry

Some kinds of damage are too expensive to fix and may even cost more than a piece is worth. If that’s the case, replacing your old jewelry could be more cost-effective than trying to have it repaired.

Missing Stones

Like fixing broken jewelry, replacing missing stones can be very expensive, depending on their size, shape, and color. This problem occurs most often with pieces you inherit from family members. They may have purchased the jewelry when resources were less scarce. If you don’t feel like letting the item go, consider buying something similar that can remind you of the original piece when you wear it.

Chemical Stains

While you can remove some chemical alterations, such as silver tarnish, other types are harder or impossible to remove. Never attempt to clean severely damaged jewelry without checking with a jeweler first. Otherwise, you may end up making the problem worse.

Jewelry Doesn’t Fit

Our bodies are constantly changing, which means your jewelry may not always fit the same. While a jeweler can adjust some pieces without too much trouble, others may not be so easy. With heirloom jewelry especially, you may not want to make alterations. In these situations, it’s better to replace the item with something you can enjoy now.

Not Your Style

Your taste may also change as you experience new things or adjust to trends. If a piece doesn’t fit your style anymore, that’s a sign it’s time to replace your jewelry. Appreciate the joy it gave you at one point in your life, and feel free to replace it with something new.

How To Replace Your Jewelry

When you decide to replace your jewelry, consider donating the old pieces to charity or recycling organizations. Alternatively, you can sell them online. Next, check for online jewelry deals on DailySale that can help you replace old favorites with new ones. Don’t hang onto something just because you feel obligated. You deserve to love every piece of jewelry you own.

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