Tips for Finding the Best Bang for Your Buck Online

Online shopping has become the way of the world, and with the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start searching. The following are tips for finding the best bang for your buck online so you can save money and time.

Timing Is Everything

Did you know that there is a “best time of year” for almost everything you purchase? Let’s break down a few major shopping events so that you’re ready.

Black Friday

Retailers are beginning to release Black Friday ads as early as October, and sometimes the discounts also start then. These sales will typically roll into Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Black Friday. Usually, you’ll find the best deals in the small kitchen appliances and personal electronics categories.

Typically, big superstores like Walmart and Target take the spotlight but don’t forget about the small businesses, drugstores, and wholesale clubs. They also offer great deals.


As the name states, this is the time of year to stock up on school and office supplies. Many states will participate in sales-tax holidays where they waive the sales tax on office and school supplies.

Labor Day

This time of year is best to buy a mattress. You’ll also find great discounts on summer inventory, home furnishings, and appliances.

Look for Coupons

Understanding the basics of couponing can save you money on groceries and other big retail stores. Make it a habit to search online for coupons on items you’ll need to purchase or look for coupon codes to enter at checkout when you’re shopping online.

Pro Tip

Many major credit card companies also offer cashback or points when you shop at certain stores. Check to see if you have to apply a boost or redeem that incentive before venturing to the store.

Take Advantage of Shopping Tools

Another fantastic tip for finding the best bang for your buck online is to use popular browser extensions or apps to make saving money easier. These apps will search the internet to find coupon codes, price check and track, and more, eliminating that task from your plate.

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