What's involved in creating an account?

Not much. You don't even need your thinking cap 'cause it's a no-brainer. Locate the button that says "create an account?"
Click on it and follow the directions. See? We told you it was easy.

I'm eyeing a particular item. How long is it going to be available?

After 24 hours, products are no longer available. So what are you waiting for? The hourglass has already been turned. The clock is ticking.
You have just 24 hours … one full day … so don't fall asleep on a deal you want!

I'm ready to buy something. How do I do it?

It's as simple as clicking on the "Buy" button and following directions from there.
There's another FAQ in here that tells you how the payment process works.

I am ready to pay for my item. What payment options do I have?

We don't accept personal checks or money orders … not even food stamps or IOUs.
What we do accept are most major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover),
as well as PayPal (as long as it's linked to a credit card).

Why are you only offering items for one day?

Well, for one thing, our site is called "Daily Sale." All good things really do come to an end, and our excellent deals are no exception.
Ours just end quicker than other people's.

Do you ever sell out of an item prior to the expiring time limit?

This happens sometimes, mostly because we're a popular Website; that, and the fact that we don't offer dumb, unpopular stuff.
First come, first served. It's a cold, hard world.

If I see an item that's an especially great deal, can I buy a boatload of them and re-sell them on my own for a profit?

Wow. It was pretty shrewd of you to think of that. But here's the thing: we're pretty shrewd, too.
That's why we don't allow anyone to buy more than three of any one item.

If I am having buyer's remorse or want to cancel my order for some other reason, can I do that?

No such luck. Once you have submitted your order that's all she wrote.

Where are the dailysale headquarters?

We are in a top-secret underground fortress-like location surrounded on all sides by armed guards, as well as a moat.
But if you must know, we'll give you a hint: We are located in sunny Florida. That narrows it down a lot for you.