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NEW Babies Safety Lock Set of 2
by Generic

In a Nutshell
Keep your little one safe from chemicals, glass and so on!
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What You Get
  • 1 x NEW Babies Safety Lock Set of 2

  • 100% Brand new and high quality
  • Set of two
  • Perfect for babyproofing your home
  • Perfect safety lock feature
  • Easy to install
  • Keeps cabinets, drawers and more closed

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Most parents eagerly anticipate the day when their child begins to crawl but soon learn that their child's newfound mobility can expose their child to a world of dangers. Children love to explore and a closed cabinet door will peak their natural curiosity. In most households cabinets contain cleaning products, insecticides, medications and other products that could be harmful to your baby if ingested or inhaled. In addition to these harmful products, cabinets themselves pose a threat to your child. They can slam shut or pinch your child' s fingers. That's why it's important to babyproof your home before your child becomes mobile. This safety lock is just the very useful product to secure your cabinets from your baby's curious fingers.

Easy to install, first, open the safety lock and peel off the backing from the adhesive pad, then affix the pads on the cabinet door respectively; when you need to open the cabinet, just press the band, then you will open the door as you want.

Quick and easy to open. The one hand release operation is easy for an adult Ideal for keeping cabinets, drawers, cupboard and appliance doors closed.


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