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18 Pack App Magnets
by Jailbreak Toys

In a Nutshell
Jazz up your fridge with eighteen functional, but stylish app-style icon magnets.
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What You Get
  • 18 x NEW App Magnets

  • 18 app-style icon magnets
  • Decorate any metallic surface
  • Pin up messages, postcards, photos etc.
  • Great at home or at work
  • Each App Magnet measures 2cm by 2cm

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There's a fridge for these App Magnets

App Magnets are the ideal, modern way to hold messages, photos, post-its, postcards etc., not just on your fridge, but on any metallic surface. And the App Magnets don't just offer a functional benefit – they're stylish too.

There's a photo app magnet for sticking up your holiday snaps, a note app magnet for posting up important messages, and an email app magnet for keeping all your important printed emails to hand in one convenient place.

And it's not just at home where these app-style magnets do a functional, but stylish job – they're also great at work. Because they stick to any metallic surface, you can hold important work documents or notes in place on filing cabinets, for example.

From calendar and weather to maps and music apps – all the apps you know and love from your (or someboady else's) iPhone are included in App Magnets.

And no matter whether you want to use them to pin things to the fridge, or you just want to pay homage to your iPhone, App Magnets are the perfect choice.


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